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Wordpress Design and Development

Custom designed & professional website to sell your service

Our team at Performance Crew build Wordpress Websites for small to medium businesses and organisations. Our team have custom designed and developed many Wordpress Themes and Sites. We simply design custom sites according to your brand guide and turn the design into a quality, modern and responsive website that looks great and functions pixel perfect on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices.

If you need a website to attract customers, showcase your services and produce leads, one that is branded with your look and feel and looks perfect over all devices then get in touch for a no obligation free quote!

If you require a large custom solution to be developed from scratch be sure to see our startup development service, or if you're after a site to sell online then see our Shopify Services. Otherwise read on below for our Wordpress Design and Development service.

How We Do It

We design and develop our Wordpress Sites right here in Sydney, Australia!

  • Project Requirements and Brand Guide

    We will kick off your project by holding meetings to ascertain exactly what your requirements are, to understand the look and usability that you're after and to review your brand guide. If you don't have a brand guide or logos then our designers can assist in creating this first.

  • Strategic and Creative Thinking

    Once we understand the requirements and the brand we have to work with our designers will start creating sample user flows on how the website could look and function and determine what the goals of the site / brand needs to achieve; i.e. leads etc.

  • UX & UI Design + Clickable Prototype

    Once the UX is determined our team will start designing all of the pages, elements and components of the website for all Mobile, Tablet and Desktop views. These designs will be turned into a clickable prototype for you to review the final design before the development into Wordpress commences.

  • Wordpress Theme Development

    Following on from the design approval our HTML/JS/CSS & PHP developers start coding a custom Wordpress Theme for your site, bringing the design to life as a working and tested Responsive Wordpress Site.

  • Plugins and ACF Content Editor

    Our developers will use a number of Wordpress Pluins along the way depeneding upon your sites requirements. One in particular will be the Site Editor used for you to manage the content ongoing - for this we commonly integrate ACF (Advanced Custom Fields).

  • Device and User Testing

    The sites that we develop will be tested with Google Pagespeed to ensure the site and it's elements are superfast to load and Google scores the site well for speed. Cross browser testing acorss devices for the usability and customer acceptance testing for all the functions and features.

  • SEO

    We develop with Search Optimiation in mind. In addition to using Google Pagespeed to test your site we will also integrate Strauctured Data, setup all Meta Information, setup all social sharing assets, review Inetrnal linking strategy, develop the html/headings etc with best practice and setup automated Sitemaps and Google indexing for your site.

  • Deployment

    In most cases we also host your site using our infrastucture with Amazon Web Services. Your site will be deployed on SSL into a highly available and scalabale environment and served via Amazon Cloudfront to high level of speed, redundancy and security.

Tech We Love

What We Do Tech Wise

  • Wordpress

    All of our business sites are created with Wordpress, one of the most common CMS systems for small to medium businesses.

  • ACF

    We use Advanced Custom Fields to allow for the customer to easily edit the website content ongoing after handover, without having to worry about affecting the sites style and layout.

  • Plugins

    We use many common Wordpress plugins such as Wordfence for security, Yoast SEO for search optimiation and plugins for Contact Forms, Analytics and bespoke integrations wiht third parties.

  • Google Cloud

    We would likely have you open a Google Cloud Account from where we will integrate with services such as Google Maps for Contact Maps, Google Geocoding for Store Locators, Google Captcha for forms and other related services.

  • Amazon Web Services

    In most cases we will also host your website. Our infrastucture partner is Amazon Web Services; one of the largest cloud providers where we can securely host your site in a scalable environment to increase redundancy, availability and site speed.

Cloud Infrastructure We Love

UX/UI Design + Prototype + Wordpress Dev.

Our custom designed Wordpress Websites are from $6,000.00 and super-fast managed aws cloud hosting is from $79.00 per month

We create awesome Design Prototypes, Develop the Wordpress Themes, Optimise the site for Search and provide ongoing super-fast and secure managed hosting and support.

Designed to Perfection
Custom Designed
  • Project Requirements
  • Brand Guide
  • Stratgic & Creative thinking
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Clickable Prototype
  • Designed for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop
  • Design any number of custom pages
  • Design any features or content needed
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Wordpress Development
Developed in Sydney
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JS Development
  • Wordpress Theme Development
  • Advanced Custom Fields & Content Editors
  • Integrate any Wordpress Plugins
  • Device, User and Speed testing
  • Developed with search in mind (SEO)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Configure Google Analytics 4
  • Configure Google Webmaster Tools
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Hosting and Support
Hosted with AWS
  • Local Hosting in Sydney with AWS
  • Served with AWS Cloudfront Global Distribution.
  • Managed DNS, Servers, Databases, CDN etc.
  • Load Balanced and Auto Scaling
  • Highly Available and Redundant
  • Super Fast Hosting
  • SSL & Secured
  • Managed Monitoring and realtime Backups
  • Full Managed Hosting
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