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Web + Software Development For Startups

Bring your idea to life and live your dream!

Our team build and manage a large number of web applications, mobile apps and bespoke software applications for customers of all sizes. We've built sites that handle millions of members, generate tens of Millions per year and rank in the top 500 most visited sites in Australia. We can build custom solutions for Tech Startup Ideas, Online Communities, SaaS Products, Fintech Concepts, AI/ML Concepts - No matter what your idea is, we can certainly build it!

We have the capacity to produce software and applications with resources available across project planning, solution and product architecture, cloud infrastructure, data warehousing and machine learning, design and development, quality assurance and testing. We build within an agile framework, implement continual integration & delivery and utilise the latest code stacks and frameworks.

If you're just after a standard website to be designed and developed such as a Wordpress or Shopify site then click here to see our Wordpress Services or here for our Shopify Services. Otherwise continue reading on below for our Custom Development Service.

How We Do It

We manage, design and develop our products right here in Sydney, Australia!

  • Creative Thinking & Requirements

    The fun part of the project starts here - defining what your idea is, how it will work, the features it offers, and what it delivers for the end user. If your idea lacks a name we even have our own portfolio of short brandable .com domains that may be suitable.

  • Full Resource Management

    We build a team of Solution Architects, Cloud Engineers, Full Stack Developers, Test Engineers, Data Scientists, Graphic Designers and any other skill that may be needed to develop your idea.

  • Solution & Product Architecture

    The technical part starts with us drawing up the technical solution and product architecture. We define all of the service providers, technology to be used, diagram up the solution and all of its components.

  • Prototype Design

    Building a startup idea can seem risky! Well it's a lot less risky when we design a prototype of your end-product before ever needing to develop anything. This allows you to see a mock up of the end product and ensure nothing has missed or needs to be changed.

  • UX / UI Design

    We design up all screens, views, components and assets that will be used in your product and any supporting system with a UI component.

  • Data Architecture & Technical Scoping

    We product technical requirements for our developers to follow in order to develop the product outlining all data and application use requirements.

  • Project Management

    We break down the project into a roadmap with epics and tasks for 1 or more developers to work through in developing your project. Agile, transparent and efficient team management of resources, sprints, project timelines and milestones.

  • Product Development

    The main part starts here where our developers work together as a team to develop and test all frontend, backend and data systems. And effectively build your idea.

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

    Your product will be thoroughly tested by our developers as they develop the systems, with manual and automated testing in place. Application testing, Security testing, Data testing and User acceptance testing.

  • Cloud Infrastucture Deployment

    Any application and data service requirements with our cloud partners such as Datastores, Caching, Messaging, SMTP, Streaming, AI / ML Processing are rolled out.

  • Third Party System Deployments

    Any application and data integration with third parties such as SSO, Apis, SMTP, Security & Fraud protection etc are rolled out.

  • Application Deployment & Systems Monitoring

    Finally, the end product applications are deployed and released into App Stores, Hosting Servers configured for scalability, logging and systems monitoring.

Tech We Love

What We Do Tech Wise

  • .NET, .NET Core, Xamarin & C#

    We develop website applications, web services, console apps, web apis and cross platform mobile apps within the latest .NET environments.

  • TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Angular, React

    We develop super-fast lightweight frontend UI with the latest technologies and frameworks.

  • Microservices, Offloading & Service Queues

    Our solutions are well architected with micro-services, console apps, server tasks and offloading to support and enhance speed, security, concurrency and efficiancy.

  • High Concurrency & Heavy Workloads

    We test and architect our solutions for high concurrency of transactions and heavy workloads through compartmentilisation, micro-services and infrastructure automation.

  • Database Systems

    Depending upon the usecase we work across various data solutions including MSSQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB and many other SQL and NoSQL database solutions.

  • Elastic Cache and Searching

    We ensure our solutions have efficient and ready access to all data, no matter how big. We develop for scale and performance with ELK Stacks, Redis, MemCache, RedShift and related Big Data and Cache stores.

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

    We can incorporate the workings of Language Models, Natural Language processing and text/data based AI models for AI/ML usecases. We predominantly utilise services within Google Cloud, Azure and AWS.

  • Maths & Data Mining

    We focus on developing efficient systems to crunch numbers, heavy workloads, process statistical models and mine data fast and efficiently. We ensure that systems are will architected to utilise Math to it's advantage.

  • AWS, Azure & Google Cloud

    Our systes are developed with cloud infrastructure partners and services in mind; the solution we develop will utilise one or more of our cloud providers depending upon the needs - Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Infrastructure We Love

Custom Startup Development

We build custom websites, mobile applications, apis and services for startups right through to large multinationals. Prices vary considerably according to your requirements, contact us for a quotation.

In general to architect, design and build Web Applications, Mobile Apps (IOS + Android), Content Management Systems, APIs and all the supporting micro-services that go along with building a robust scalabale digital product may cost anywhere from $10,000 to $300,000+. No matter the scope, size or cost of your idea however we can make it happen and come to life so don't let costs scare you off - get in touch for our thoughts and pricing. Below are the common stages of a custom development:

Define Requirements & Architect Solution
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  • Creative Thinking
  • Requirement Specifications
  • Resource Procurement
  • Solution & Product Architecture
  • Mock Prototype Development
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Design & Build
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  • Product UX / UI Design for all end devices
  • Data Architecture & Technical Scoping
  • Project Management to commence development
  • Full Stack Development of Web and Mobile Applications
  • Full Stack Development of supporting APIs, MicroServices & Apps
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Test, Deployment & Infrasturcture
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  • QA and Test Automation
  • Cloud Infrastucture Deployment
  • Related Service Provider Deployments
  • Application Deployment For Scale
  • Systems Monitoring & Reporting
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