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Winning the keyword battle for organic search rankings is a long term endeavour that businesses should ensure they have catered for.

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Performance Crew is a network of great minds in the digital space. We build teams of the best creative, digital and technical people who excel for our clients. Whilst we are a small boutique agency in Sydney - we scale human resources according to the skills needed for each project.

Rank on Google Better

With our SEO services we focus on Site Health, Site Content, Social Signals and Link / Content Building.

Site health & Mobile Experience

Site health is where we score your existing place on search. We use a number of tools to analyse your site including Google Pagespeed, Google Webmaster Tools and AHREFS amongst other providers from which we ascertain a current standpoint and can identify health issues to be amended; such as load times, mobile experience, keyword saturation, poor backlinks etc. We have developers on hand to action and implement Structured Data, Rich Snippets, AMP for mobile and other design / coding amends we may need to make.

Content & Social Signals

Site content is making your site as credible and authoritative as possible through content being king. We build content rich article pages and landing pages to acquire new search terms that the site can be ranked for, we plan and action a credible internal linking strategy to provide a proper hierarchy of your content and we produce and distribute regular detailed content across your website and social media channels increasing virality and social authority.

Backlinks and Authority

We only focus on building links with credible and authoritative domains who will assist in passing trust and rank to your site; not traffic; we do so through Content distribution, Information graphics, stories and statistics releases, Social profile creations, Reach out and Digital press releases

What We Can Do

  • Analyse existing search activity
  • Score your existing search footprint
  • Determine short and long term goals
  • Prepare SEO Report
  • Optimise with Google Pagespeed
  • Optimise with Webmaster Tools
  • Build for mobile with AMP
  • Implement Structured Data and Rich Snippets
  • Produce rich keyword content
  • Produce social media content
  • Link building and content distribution
  • Granular tracking and performnce analysis

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Search Engine Site Audit Report.

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Performance Crew works with companies of all sizes who need to build or boost their online presence. Drop us a message below or call our founding director on: 0450 955 336 to see how we can help.